This was the year we had our third baby.  Remy James.  he made it a great year.  Rylen turned 10 (double digits!) and Marley turned 2.  this year was a bit difficult and i spent a lot of time trying to hold on.  but we also had some great moments and 2011 is a new year with a brand new shot at it all.  i want to be better.  i will be better.  a better mom and a better wife.  because they deserve the best me i can be.

Rylen could wear a flannel, skinny jeans and a fedora almost any day.  he has such a gentle heart.  he loves playing basketball, dreaming about being on the lakers and the boy can’t get enough lego’s.  he’s a huge help with the two littles and couldn’t be a better brother.  he has taught me so much.

Marley.  hmmm… she is a crazy little girl.  she is crazier than her brother ever was.  she can make you laugh at any moment and has a million faces.  she loves shoes, dolls, trains, the beach, yo gabba gabba, and loves to dance and hum herself to sleep. she imitates everything her big brother does and loves her little brother so much i think she might eat him sometimes.

Remy is one active little dude.  i am pretty sure he thinks that he can jump off my lap and go running around the house.  he doesn’t want to miss a thing and always has a smile.

this was us in 2010…


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