fifty-two weeks : week five

fifty-two weeks, us


did something a little different this week.  i don’t have a new photo, i have a dear to my heart photo.

twenty two years ago this week my dad passed away.  I was eleven, almost twelve.  my whole world changed that day.  although i would give anything to have him back, i learned a lot with his passing and i believe i am who i am because of everything i have been through.  i learned how to really cry, how to hurt, how to trust, how to believe, and how to say good-bye and how to let go.  the pain in my heart runs as deep as can be but somehow time makes it easier to move through this life.

there have been so many times that i have needed you and ached for you to be here next to me.  it has been so long that i am forgetting your voice.  i hate that my kids don’t get to know you and that my husband doesn’t either.  but i know that you keep watch over me, i can feel you there sometimes.  i am so thankful for the short time i had with you.  so many incredible memories.  thank you for teaching me and opening my eyes.  i cannot wait to see you again but i have a lot of livin to do before i get there.  i love you with everything i have.

a fifty-two week project.  one photo a week.  no themes.  just shoot.


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