fifty two weeks : week six

fifty-two weeks, us

Well i had a lot of plans for this Valentine’s Day.  but, this week was a little hectic because i lost someone really close to me.  my Nana.  she was my dad’s mom and i have always been super close with her.  i am going to miss her like crazy, i feel like i didn’t get enough time with her… even though she was almost 92.  you were lucky if you ever got to meet her.  i just wish my three could have known her for longer.  “via con Dios”,  i love you.

but… Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweets!  i wish we had gotten to bake the yummy cookies i had planned or done one of the other few things i had in mind.  but i am pretty sure that you don’t mind, other than the fact that you would’ve thoroughly enjoyed eating those cookies.  we’ll make them another day very soon… promise.  i pinky-promise marley.  remember to tell each other often how much you love one another and always remember that there is no one else out there like your family.  we are thick as thieves, we are a team and we will forever have each others backs.  this life is precious.  your life is precious.                                                                                                                                     never.  take.  it.  for.  granted.                                                                                                    XO

a fifty-two week project.  one photo a week.  no themes.  just shoot.


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