fifty two weeks : week fourteen

fifty-two weeks, us

Iremember thinking that i should go check on this little miss, she had climbed in bed with us in the middle of the night and she was still asleep when i woke up with remy.  i kinda thought it was nice that she was sleeping in so long (or maybe i was just really hoping she was still asleep because i was enjoying the quiet before the storm).  not to long after she came peering around the piano at us.  she had this big goofy smile and she was so proud of herself.  she said “marwee pretty”.  she had put on a headband and got into my lipgloss and proceeded to put it all over her face, and hands too… because why would you not want pink, glossy, sparkly hands?  i secretly sort of love these moments.  then i decided to see if there was any damage to my sheets.  sure enough… pink gloss everywhere.  but  after a full day of trying every stain remover known to man and about half a dozen washes we got it out.

a fifty-two week project.  one photo a week.  no themes.  just shoot.


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