easter cookies


I am not gonna lie, making these cookies on this particular day was a bit exhausting.  marley had missed her nap, remy woke up from his early, and he was hungry for dinner, marley had to pee (on the potty with my help), and they were both a bit whiney. but big brother stepped up to the plate and made his mama proud.  he helped his sis stir the cookie dough while i got remy’s dinner ready.  then rylen and marley (yes marley) fed remy while i did some necessary things to get the cookies ready for the oven.  we had music on and some of us danced together.  oh… and remy pooped somewhere in the middle of all that.  but it all turned out all right.  actually better than all right.  we were a team, and we rocked, and we had some serious yummy cookies in the end.  while the three of us sat on the floor waiting for each batch to cook we looked over and saw remy doing his only job in the cookie making, watching them while in the oven.


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