fifty two weeks : week twenty-five

fifty-two weeks, us

Happy 3rd Birthday!

my beautiful girl, you are three years old now.  it’s been three years since you were in my belly, your first home where i took care of you and loved you before i knew who you really were and before anyone knew you.  i had nine months just you and me.

there is something so beautiful about being a mom, it can stop you in your tracks and put a golf ball size lump in your throat when you think about how much you love your children.  being a mom feels so vulnerable because your heart is out there in the world, because children carry their mothers heart with them wherever they go.  i hope with every bit of me that you get the chance to be a mom.  you will be amazing at it.

i love you so much and my wish for you is… to grow up happy (i mean truly happy), healthy, to fall in love, to be loved, be confident, be appreciative, don’t be afraid to fail, be you, never give up, and grow old with those that make you really happy.

i love you with every piece of me little mama.  happy birthday!

these last two photos are not the best but i had to put them in here.  you woke up the morning of your birthday to balloons all over your room and when you opened your bedroom door you found streamers that you had to break through to welcome you to being “three”.  you weren’t exactly sure about the streamers, you actually tried to crawl under them but we wouldn’t let you so rylen carried you and you broke through together. welcome to three baby!

xo mommy


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