fifty two weeks : week twenty-eight

fifty-two weeks, us

and then he was one… Happy 1st Birthday!

my baby is one.  how did this happen?  how has a full year gone by so quickly?  it is true when they say enjoy these moments because it goes so fast.  you are such a big boy and so independent, but you are definitely a mama’s boy.  i absolutely love being your mom and watching you grow.  i wish i could bottle up some of the moments i have with you.  i am so thankful everyday for you and that i get to be your mommy.  i could eat you up and, one giggle outta you and all my troubles are gone for that moment.  i want to remember your laugh at this stage forever.  please take your time with this growing up stuff… it’s over-rated you know.  and always know that i love your guts!

i still remember so clearly when i knew i was pregnant with you, we weren’t trying and living at nana and papa’s… you could say not ideal.  i remember the night i went into labor with you.  we went out to dinner and when we came outside it had started to drizzle and when i looked up i saw a rainbow.  not to much later dad and i were on our way to the hospital. you were one week early and you were the first one i actually went into labor with on my own.


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