fifty two weeks : week forty

fifty-two weeks, us

today we laid to rest my nana & poppy.  they were my dad’s parents and since i lost him at such a young age, i think i felt a real closeness to them.  they were an inspiration to me on what a marriage is.  and my nana was an inspiration to me on what a wife is.  no matter what they were there for one another, and they were sweet to each other even when they were picking on each other.  they were old fashioned, a gentleman and a lady.  he was humble, strong, a mans man.  she was feisty, loving, gentle, and always wanted to cook you up something to eat.  they had love of the best kind.  i hope that the mr. and i are so much in love to the last of our days, just like they were, and get the chance to show our grandchildren just what love really is.

on the day my poppy died, you could tell he just couldn’t let go because he was so worried about leaving his girl.  the day my nana died you could tell she was so happy to go home and be back in his arms.

i miss you two like crazy.  till we meet again…


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