rems run in with an allergy

2012, us

after a couple visits to the doctor to figure out what was going on with the poor little boy, he kept getting worse.  an amoxicillin allergy.  a few hours after this first photo we ended up in the ER.  by the time he was seen by a doctor he was so swollen that it took seven tries to get the IV in.  it was a mess.  it was scary.  but the next morning he looked so much better.  all the nurses (and doctors) were so great to us and took such good care of him.

it is beyond hard and heart wrenching to watch your child hurt like this, and pretty eye opening and humbling.  it was like a smack in the gut (for me) to remember to be present, and to slow down and be grateful for every moment that i am so graciously given with my three.


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