childhood unplugged

2014, childhood unplugged

we picked up marley from school and went straight to the park for a picnic.  they needed it.  okay we all needed it.  since having the baby it has been a little harder to get out as much.  i can honestly say that when we do get out i can see the difference almost immediately in their behavior.  they are so much happier, relaxed, and easy going.  on the days i fall short and think, i’ll just throw a movie on so i can get such and such done, almost always back fires on me.  i have this mind set and expectation that things will go smoothly while i get my “things” done.  and when things don’t go as i expected i get short with them, as if it’s their fault.  i’m not gonna lie, sometimes i snap at them and then that just creates a whole lot of frustration for all of us that leaves us all feeling crappy.  thank goodness kids are quick to forgive.

so here’s to unplugging and remembering to unplug a little more.  because unplugging with these kids of mine is what it’s all about, it’s where the memories are made.  it’s the stuff they will remember forever.

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