childhood unplugged

2014, childhood unplugged

there’s one common thing this month that you will see throughout all of our posts… balloons.  it’s been ONE year since we started childhood unplugged and it’s sort of way to celebrate that.  i gotta say it’s been really nice, i’ve always wanted my kids to unplug a little more and to have this little extra push to keep it at the front of my mind every month has been good.  i’ve even tried to unplug myself a little more, because really what kind of example would i be starring into my phone while telling my kids to unplug themselves.

i decided to grab our balloons, some pizza, the kids and run around the corner to this little spot.  we really should do this more often, it was so easy and the littles felt like we were on an adventure.  and as a bonus for me, there was no cleaning the kitchen, or trying to get the kids to sit and stay in their seat while they eat their dinner.  it was just a grab a slice and hunt for sticks or jump over rocks kind of dinner.  pretty much perfect in my book.

head over to the childhood unplugged blog to see our post for this month and then follow along to everyone’s personal blog to see the rest.

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