fifty two weeks | week forty four

2014, fifty-two weeks, us

these two count the days down to halloween from sometime mid september.  they pick out their costumes as soon as they hit the store racks, and then usually change their minds a handful of times before the actual day.  marley actually went with her original pick, but remy on the other hand opted for one of rylens old costumes from when he was a little guy.  the ninja turtle remy had so badly wanted still sits in the big box of costumes waiting to be worn.  rylen of course went out with friends.  he got home from school, got his costume on and was out the door, so once again i don’t have any pictures of him.  this was jax’s first halloween and since i couldn’t find his skeleton costume that remy had worn a few years ago, i went with one of my favorite baby outfits that i own.  i knew he wouldn’t be able to wear it if he grew even another inch so i figured it was a good time to get some use out of it.  and i’m glad i did because dang it is cute.







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