fifty two weeks | week forty five

2014, fifty-two weeks, us

so i obviously knew this day was coming.  but, dang, it was really bitter sweet.  first day of school, pre-school that is.  he was really excited but he also just really loves being my side kick and doing what i do all day.  i could tell he was a little anxious about all the unknown for what the next couple hours would be like.  but i assured him that he would love it and meet new friends and that they would have a ton of super cool toys and art things, crafty things, cars, swings, sand boxes and all that jazz.  when we got to his classroom door he tossed his snack in the box that held all the kids lunch boxes turned and gave me a big ol kiss and hug, hugged and kissed “the babe” and walked right in like it was nothing.  as i walked to my car without my side kick i thought to myself… “shoot, another one is growing up”.  and i looked at the babe on my hip and squeezed him a little tighter knowing that it would only be a few years till i was walking him up to his first day of school.

three hours later i picked him up and when he came out of his class he looked at me with the biggest smile and said, “my school is awesome!”




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