childhood unplugged

2016, childhood unplugged, us

we planned a little getaway at the beach for spring break.  when we planned it, we were thinking blue skies and warm sunny days but what we got was rain.  the kids couldn’t have cared less but the continuous muddy bodies and feet wandering through the trailer were something i could have done without.  but honestly, i think the muddy campsite made them quite happy.  and the rain was really more of a sprinkle.  the one time it did rain pretty hard was in the middle of the night.  it was so loud as it was hitting the top of the trailer that it woke me.  but who am i to complain about listening to rain and waves crashing all in the same night…. they really are two of my favorite things to listen to while laying in bed.

it felt like a start to summer vacations, which by this time of year i am ready for.  the kids are counting down the days to the last day of school and so am i.  i am anxiously waiting to throw in the towel to early morning alarms, making lunches, and hurrying everyone out the door to beat the school bell.

please join me in supporting the other photographers in our childhood unplugged movement by clicking here to see all our submissions for this month. also, follow us on instagram and remember to tag your unplugged moments with #childhoodunplugged for a chance to be featured on our IG feed.


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