childhood unplugged

2017, childhood unplugged, us

Walking out over the water calms my soul, always has, with the old wood planks under your feet where you can see the waves crashing between the cracks of each planks seam.  The people watching is always great and certainly one of my favorite things, with the boys catching waves below, kids chasing and getting tumbled by waves, fisherman scattered along the edges of the pier, kids running down the pier with pure excitement of being out over the water, the musicians strumming their guitars or blowing their horns in hopes for a few coins thrown in a hat.  And if you top all that off with dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants, the Fisherman, I’d call it a win.

Please join me in supporting the other photographers in our Childhood Unplugged movement by clicking here to see all our submissions for this month. Also, follow us on Instagram and remember to tag your unplugged moments with #childhoodunplugged for a chance to be featured on our IG feed.


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