Christmas 2012

2012, family, us

This was a rough Christmas, almost all of us were sick over the holiday and marley and remy were feeling pretty crappy Christmas day.  i managed to get a few pictures before everyone crashed on the couch.  marley actually fell back asleep before she opened all her presents.  although it wasn’t the most memorable or usual running back and forth seeing all the family and cousins we made the best of it.



Birthday boy

2012, family, us

my guy turns 12.  i cant believe that you are 12, how did that happen?  it goes fast, time flies by so quickly.  you are such an amazing boy with so much love to give.  i have so many hopes and dreams for you, but mostly i want you to follow your dreams and know that i am with you all the way.  always remember how much i love you and that i will do anything for you.

this year hit close to home for me in a different way.  i was your age when i lost my dad.  it makes me realize how precious time is and we never know how much time we have.  so live your life to the fullest and love hard.  be happy and do all the things that make you happy.  i love you so much.  happy birthday.

Ry_Bday_1 Ry_Bday_2