fifty two weeks | week seventeen

2015, fifty-two weeks, us

trying to tie this kid down to take a couple pictures of him these days is ridiculously hard.  he is so busy with friends, school and basketball.  i can’t believe he is in his last year of middle school.  it sounds so weird and gives me a rather large lump in my throat to think that he could be out of the house in just four short years.  and i think of all the things i still want to instill in him, all the things i still want to teach him, and the wind practically gets knocked right outta my lungs and my head starts to spin thinking of how fast this time will go.  it’s not fair, they just up and go, they just grow up with no regard to how we, as parents, might feel about that.  i mean don’t get me wrong, i want him to go off and experience life and see the world, find a wife and have a family.  but all that means i won’t be his number one anymore (whom i kidding, that went out the door years ago) but you know what i mean.  his choices will be his and he won’t have to come to me to make big decisions anymore.  i’m just saying this whole growing up thing is really hard on us moms.




fifty two weeks | week twelve

2015, fifty-two weeks, us

we took the afternoon to head down to the park at the beach and fly some new kites and then out to lunch.  i’m not one for flying kites, for some reason it never sounds like much to me to run around and fight to keep that thing up in the sky.  but sitting in the shade watching you all do it?  that was way more fun.  good thing you guys have a dad that wanted to fly some kites because i’m pretty sure it’s one of those things that every kid should do in their life.





fifty two weeks | week ten

2015, fifty-two weeks, us

happy 1st birthday little babe.  you were so thrilled and surprised to wake up and see your party door.  the very first of so many.  your bothers and sister were so excited to see you, or help you, come through.  rylen and marley both insisted to carry you through.  as soon as we heard you making noise we hurried to get the other kids in the room so they could be there to see your face.

this past year has been so incredible having you in our family.  you are exactly what we needed.  these last twelve months have gone by way too fast.  if only i could beg time to slow down and it would listen.  although i cherish each milestone you pass, it is also a little bittersweet because i know you are my last.  i have so many hopes and dreams for you in your life, but most of all i hope you are happy, really happy.  and healthy, of course.  we love you so much.