six people twelve times

2015, six people twelve times, us


i like setting myself up to do some sort of project because it kind of helps me to commit to taking and posting photos rather than just hoping i keep it up throughout the year.  a couple years ago i did, five people twelve times, and i tired to photograph us all together while we were out doing something fun each month.  i would actually get a little anxious towards the middle of the month if i hadn’t got the shots for that particular month yet.  not the way it’s supposed to be, it should be easy and fun, i don’t want to stress about it.  i just want twelve photographs at the end of the year showing how we have changed and grown, especially the kids.

then i saw what a friend of mine was doing, capturing her family in the same spot each month.  genius.  and even better, she was doing it in their room on their bed.  something about that idea really got me.  as a kid my parents room was kind of a safe place and i loved hanging out in there.  you can see her portrait project here.

so that is how this project began this year.