childhood unplugged

2016, childhood unplugged, kids, us

A quick picnic next to the stables up the road, followed by finding the best climbing tree and well, climbing it over and over. Then there were some contests that involved jumping off the table to see who could jump the farthest and who could touch the trees leaves.

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ready for anything

2016, kids, Uncategorized, us

he could probably play in the car all day if you let him. he’ll wave bye to you about 52 times and then say “i go”, hoping that you’ll give in and take him somewhere.  although i don’t know if he has a destination in mind, i do know that he likes to always be on the go.


childhood unplugged

2013, childhood unplugged, kids

we decided to unplug, get out and take the day to learn a thing or two.  the kids loved seeing the “big ship” and all that was on it.  they thought it was so cool that they could get in and really explore everything the way kids love to.  they could get in, sit on, play with and really see how it all worked.  The USS Midway Aircraft Carrier.

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Childhood Unplugged

2013, childhood unplugged, kids, us

it’s one of the kids favorite holiday’s… costumes, candy, and to them it means Christmas is around the corner.  there is a new crisp chill in the air and that means our seasons are a-changing.  well as much as they do around here.  fall is here and it’s time to start the fire’s, put on some socks, pull up the blankets and stay warm together.  i love the start of the holiday season, and we kicked it off with some good ol’ pumpkin carving with 10 of their cousins.





childhood unplugged

2013, childhood unplugged, kids, us

i received an email recently asking me to be a part of a photography project with a group of 10 other women to photograph our children once a month.  the theme is like this… unplug and photograph them playing, being creative, using their imagination.  no tv, cell phones, video games….. and that sounded right up my alley.  so come back every 1st of the month and follow along if you’d like, and see our unique view of what this project means to each of us.

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welcome to the first week…

summer is over but the weather is still warm around these parts.  we decided to go for a quick late afternoon dip this weekend before heading home to bbq.  although remy loves to swim he was happy as can be making homes for the bugs in the dirt.  he eventually inched his way closer to the water and while he insisted that he wouldn’t get his cast wet we soon had to leave as he splashed it one too many times.